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Hi, I’m Dr. Zia

Children thrive in environments where they feel seen, understood and valued.

In my clinical practice, my approach to working with children, adolescents and families is grounded in a safe, nonjudgmental, and trusting relationship. Once established, I aim to employ interventions that work and provide opportunities for sustainable change. My approach is client-centred and evidence-based.


Dr. Zia Lakdawalla - Foundations for Emotional Wellness

My Services

I provide individual treatment for children and adolescents experiencing a variety of mental health challenges. I use a collaborative approach to create a clear understanding of the clients needs, strength and goals.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Individual Therapy

A tailored approach embedded in a warm collaborative therapeutic relationship for children and youth.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Parent Therapy

Education and support to help parents navigate the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence.

Individual Therapy - FFEW

Group Therapy

Take a deeper dive into the theory and the skills that are effective for raising emotionally healthy children.

Dr. Zia Lakdawalla - Foundations for Emotional Wellness

Workshops & Groups

Develop knowledge and skills to feel more equipped in parenting. Help build resilience in your child.

My Groups

Take a deeper dive into various topics. Learn evidence based theory and strategies related to parenting children and adolescents and receive support from other parents who are experiencing similar challenges with their children.

Caregiving Emotionally Intense Children (Ages 3-12)

Begins Oct 3 & 4, every Tuesday or Wednesday for ten weeks.

Virtual Group – This 10-week caregiving group aims to provide caregivers with the skills and support to optimize healthy outcomes in emotionally intense children. Parents will learn evidence-based theory and skills that have been shown to be effective in regulating emotions.

Caregiving Anxious Children (Ages 3-12)

Begins Oct 16 & 18, every Monday or Wednesday for eight weeks.

Virtual Group – This highly effective 8-week caregiving intervention is designed to treat child anxiety. Parents will learn a well-researched and targeted parent intervention for treating anxiety symptoms and disorders in children.

Coping with Anxiety: An Anxiety Group for Children (Ages 9-12)

Begins Oct 16, every Monday for eight weeks.

In-Person Group – This group is designed to help children learn to cope with childhood anxiety. Research suggests that a practical and hands-on approach to targeting anxiety results in the most meaningful changes. So, in this group, we practice, practice, practice! We are not only going to talk about what to do; we are going to DO it!

Caregiving Emotionally Intense Children- GRADUATE group

Begins Oct 3, every Tuesday for ten weeks.

Virtual Group – This is a 10-week caregiving group for parents who have participated in a cycle of the Caregiving Emotionally Intense Child group and are looking to deepen their learning and add to their parent toolkit.

Understanding Childhood Emotions- A Parent Orientation (all ages)


Virtual Orientation Session – This 90-minute session is designed to help parents understand, respond to, and work with childhood emotions. Parents will come away with a deeper understanding of their child’s emotions and behaviours, and how to respond effectively to ensure long-term emotional health.

My Workshops

Understanding what and how our kids are thinking, feeling and doing is the first step to creating the foundation for emotional wellness. If you have questions or are wondering which workshops might best suit the needs of your family please reach out to me- I'm always happy to help navigate.

Caregiving Emotionally Intense Children



  • Gain an overall understanding of emotion regulation.
  • Discover strategies to respond to your child’s intense feelings and behaviours.
  • Learn how to de-escalate your child’s intense emotions and manage conflict.
  • Meet the emotional needs of your child while maintaining limits and routines.

Caregiving For Your Anxious Child (ages 3 to 12)



  • Gain an overall understanding of anxiety and how it develops.
  • Discover strategies to respond to your child's anxious feelings and behaviours.
  • Meet the emotional needs of your child while helping them to face their fears.
  • Learn how to increase your anxious child's resilience.

Regulating Your Child (ages 3 to 12)



  • Equip caregivers with knowledge on emotion regulation in younger children.
  • Provide tangible tools and strategies for managing emotions in children.
  • Understand principles that are critical for long-term emotional health in children.
Foundations for Emotional Wellness - Zia Lakdawalla

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