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Virtual GROUP Therapy

Caregiving Emotionally Intense Children- GRADUATE Group


Weekly Session: Tuesday’s – October 3 to December 5, 12 to 1 pm ET

This is a 10-week caregiving group for parents who have participated in a cycle of the Caregiving Emotionally Intense Child group. This group is for caregivers who are looking to deepen their learning and further their skills.

CEIC Graduate Group for Caregivers

This group is run by Dr. Zia Lakdawalla and involves the following:

  • Learning more about your emotionally intense child and how they function
  • Continue building your personal toolkit strategies and skills to optimize healthy outcomes
  • Learn how to intervene and support your child on a variety of common challenges parents face
  • Opportunities to support each other by sharing successes and challenges
Dr. Zia Lakdawalla - Foundations for Emotional Wellness


✔️ For Caregivers


Fall 2023:

Weekly Session: October 3 to December 5, 12 to 1 pm ET

Group Outline:

Radical Acceptance: how and when to apply this concept

Managing Anxiety in your child Part 1

Managing Anxiety in your child Part 1

Sibling Rivalry

Understanding the Parent-Child Transactional Model for Emotion Regulation

Becoming More Effective When You Get Triggered

Helping Your Child to Become More Effective When They Are Triggered

Learning how to Repair Part 1

Learning how to Repair Part 2

How to Manage Screentime



These will be provided to you, available online using any device, phone, tablet or desktop.

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