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Caregiving Emotionally Intense Children- GRADUATE group

Mondays at 12 pm EDT, beginning April 17, 2023


This is a 10-week caregiving group for parents who have participated in a cycle of the Caregiving Emotionally Intense Child group. This group is for caregivers who are looking to deepen their learning and further their skills.

CEIC Graduate Group for Caregivers – April 2023

This group is run by Dr. Zia Lakdawalla and involves the following:

  • Learning more about your emotionally intense child and how they function
  • Continue building your personal toolkit strategies and skills to optimize healthy outcomes
  • Learn how to intervene and support your child on a variety of common challenges parents face
  • Opportunities to support each other by sharing successes and challenges
Dr. Zia Lakdawalla - Foundations for Emotional Wellness


✔️ For Caregivers


Start Date & Time:
April 4, 2023 at 4:30 pm EST.


Group Outline:

Radical Acceptance: how and when to apply this concept

Managing Anxiety in your child Part 1

Managing Anxiety in your child Part 1

Sibling Rivalry

Understanding the Parent-Child Transactional Model for Emotion Regulation

Becoming More Effective When You Get Triggered

Helping Your Child to Become More Effective When They Are Triggered

Learning how to Repair Part 1

Learning how to Repair Part 2

How to Manage Screentime



These will be provided to you, available online using any device, phone, tablet or desktop.

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