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Your privacy is very important to me

My Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy is of the highest priority. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Privacy Policy


Why do you collect personal information?

I collect personal information to contact you, provide invoices and receipts, assess your needs, develop a treatment plan, provide services, evaluate our services, respond in the case of an emergency, or provide your records/consultation to other parties (with your consent).


What information do you keep?

I am required to keep a record of all of our clients. Your records will include contact information, emergency information, consent forms, contracts, assessments, previous records, treatment plans, session notes and summaries, billing information, and all correspondence I send or receive from you related to your treatment.


Where do you keep my personal information?

I keep our physical files under supervision when in use, or in locked filing cabinets in a locked room when not in use. Physical files are only kept temporarily until documents have been uploaded into your electronic record, after which they are securely shredded. I keep our electronic files on a double-password and firewall-protected system that complies with guidelines by PHIPA, and is routinely backed up to ensure the security of our sensitive client information.


How long do you keep your information?

I am required to keep your record for at least 10 years beyond our last contact with you, or 10 years past your 18th birthday if you were a child or adolescent at the termination of treatment.


How do you destroy documents with personal health information?

I destroy paper files and documents containing personal information by shredding. I destroy electronic information by deleting it completely and when the hardware is discarded, ensuring that it has been destroyed.

Do I have access to my file?

You have the right to see your file. If you are my client or have recently been our client, I will schedule a time to go through the file with you. If you believe that there is a mistake in factual information, you may ask that it be corrected. I will not change information related to professional opinions. I may ask you to provide documentation correcting any erroneous information. If I do not agree with your request to change something within the file, you may write a note explaining your proposed changes that I will include in your file.

What is your privacy policy?

I ensure that all who work at FFEW adhere to mandatory privacy legislation. I will not share any personal health information outside of FFEW without your knowledge and consent, except in the following circumstances as required by law:

  • When there is a clear and imminent risk of serious harm to someone.
  • When I suspect that a child under the age of 16 years is at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • When a client tells me that s/he has been sexually abused by a regulated health professional.
  • When a court of law subpoenas the record.
  • When informed of abuse of an elderly individual in a long-term care facility.
  • When the College of Psychologists of Ontario inspects records as a part of their regulatory activities in the public interest.


What is your use of electronic information?

I communicate with our clients, their families, and other service providers through a wide range of electronic means of communication, including phone, fax, email, text, and mail. I realize that there can be risks to privacy with regard to any out-of-session contact that clinicians might have with you or with other service providers. I do my best to be careful with regard to your privacy when using these forms of communication but are not able to guarantee privacy. If you have a preference for certain forms of communication over others due to privacy concerns, please indicate this to me. I will keep a record of all clinical or substantive contact (e.g. emails, texts, phone calls, faxes) in your chart.

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