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Foundations For Emotional Wellness | Jaydon Frid

Foundations for Emotional Wellness

Jaydon Frid

M.S.W., R.S.W.

Social Worker

Jaydon Frid is a registered social worker who holds expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Driven by a passion to guide clients through the maze of uncomfortable emotions and feelings, Jaydon is dedicated to formulating positive solutions.

With extensive experience working with children and adolescents across various settings, Jaydon appreciates the need for a cohesive environment that fosters the authenticity and growth of children. He strongly believe in the power of the family unit, irrespective of its composition, as a fundamental factor in mitigating child anxiety. With an unwavering commitment to addressing the myriad of stressors kids face, Jaydon supports entire families in building long-term resilience.

Jaydon earned their B.A in Psychology from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University) and a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Windsor. His diverse professional experience includes roles in several mental health settings such as schools, summer camps, children’s aid societies, and community mental health centers. Prioritizing the therapeutic relationship, Jaydon collaborates with clients from a strengths-based perspective, bringing kindness, compassion, curiosity, and humour to all areas of practice.

Away from work, Jaydon is an avid sports enthusiast, engaging in a range of sports including softball, golf, and pickleball. He also enjoys playing video games, taking long nature walks, and is a passionate fan of country music.

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